H2A.Z-nucleosomes and temperature sensing

Good news: The Lab has been funded by the BBSRC for a 3 year project in collaboration with the Daniela Rhodes lab in Cambridge to study the molecular mechanisms underpining temperature perception by H2A.Z Nucleosomes. Our recent paper highlighted the role of H2A.Z-nucleosomes in mediating the thermosensory response, and it raised a number of key questions about the underlying mechanism. Since our lab is not a structural one, we are delighted to be able to team up with Daniela, a pioneer in the field of nucleosome studies. This will be a two-postdoc project, with positions in both Cambridge and Norwich, spanning structural and biophysical studies through to plant biology. While we've made our initial discoveries in plants, we have good evidence that the underlying mechanisms are conserved across the eukaryotic kingdom, and believe our findings will be of general interest. More details to follow, but please get in touch or forward to anyone you think might be interested.
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